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Can you push start a car with dead battery & dead alternator?

I can’t completely agree with you

There have been many times I was able to diagnose and repair a problem perfectly the first time I was faced with it, because I had read it in a textbook, and knew how the system was supposed to work, how to diagnose it and repair it

But I will agree that experience is a great teacher . . . maybe not always the best teacher, but a great one, that’s for sure

The alternator got disconnected on my pickup, rattled loose. I started, rode down hill for a while (I was up a mountain.), but it stopped pretty soon after I hit flat ground. Fortunately all I had to do was restore the connection. OP can start, but he can’t get far, and is much likelier to be somewhere he doesn’t want it to work than where it is now. My pickup has mechanical pump.

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