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Buying a new car

I agree with CSA. Get the out the door price of the vehicle instead of the sticker price. This is where they can add on tons of fees while making it seem like they’re “normal” fees. Make sure they put those fees in writing, and if you’re uncertain what the fee is for, ask them, and check it out online. Something like dealer prep fee is already paid for by the manufacturer, but some salesmen might try to charge you for it.

That’s How It’s Still Done, Here. Shoppers Are Encouraged To Come Onto The Lots On Weekends And Evenings, Too. Sundays Find The Cars Unlocked (But, No Keys) And The Hoods Open.

Take a look at your convenience and if you find something you like, come back during the week and they’ll give you some keys.


You have probably already bought the vehicle by now.If you haven’t ,please reply.I have been in the auto business for 36 years and authored a book 100 do’s and don’ts of Auto dealership.I have an Automotive Hotline.I hope you bought GAP insurance.This covers you in case the car is wrecked.You won’t be upside down on your loan if the car is totaled.I saved $5000 after my daughter totaled the car I was paying a loan on.

Good evening,

Sorry for not updating everyone. I did end up buying the 2010 Highlander and I feel that I really did get a good deal. The car was “manager Demo” it had about 2800 miles on it so I was ok with it; however, I treated it as a used car when I was negoitating the price. After 4 hours
(the dealership actually was closed)we agreed the end price turned out to be lower than what a 2009 used Highlander would of been if in perfect condition.I also had them buff out the car and there was a small chip in the windsheild and asked them to replace. along with mudguards and new floor mats. So overall I am happy.

And everyone was so right on the money, they all wanted to be my friend. I know they still make money on you but at least it wasn’t as painful as i anticipated it to be.

And to answer Oldwrench, no I didn’t get gap insurance. I will look into it for my next renewal.

If you are a first time car buyer, I think it’s worthwhile to do the following:

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Are you absolutely sure this car was a demo? Normally, the dealers don’t like mileage getting that high on a demo.

Any chance this car could be a lease return due to…???

I am pretty sure it was a demo and not a lease. According to the information I had the car had been on their lot for about 77 days and I spoke to the sales manager who was driving it. I know they are not always the most truthful but I had faith that he was telling me the truth.

Did they replace the accelerator pedal yet?

And besides, it doesn’t matter anymore. You bought it, and they will honor the warranty.

Thanks For The Update. I’m Glad You Got A Good Deal. It Sounds Like You Are Now A Seasoned Buyer And Weren’t “Taken Advatage Of”. Sounds Like You Even Enjoyed The Negotiating !

Enjoy the 2010 Highlander,