:( Brakes loud squeak after years of best parts replacements repeatedly

The cost of peace and quiet seems rather high for an older vehicle that someone else will be driving now. I have had customers with luxury cars that complained about their noisy brake pads but would not pay for OEM parts.

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She has a baby about a year old so even though my mechanic said its safe, just loud, I am happy & he is also, that the dealer found that it was not just the front. It was also the drums & several parts around them in need of replacement. Gives me a little peace of mind to be a good aunt & big sis helping out with this car. I made it clear that I would only part with it if it stayed in the family since it is such a great car the 97 blackhawk. :slight_smile:

I have some serious doubts for a shop that diagnoses a brake problem and makes serious, expensive repairs to one axle without inspecting the other axle. It doesn’t seem too professional to me.

Hello Rod & all - Update:

So far, all my repairs were on both sides supposedly… paws crossed for her & the baby. Here is an update on the old & new cars:

  • Blackhawk - We noticed noise after tire rotation. Turns out the rear tires moved to front were too warn even though all purchased together. We have that planned for replacement as well as the motor mounts. Possibly the bearings next.

  • New car - Mazda 2/Scion IA/Yaris IA 2018 - We love it! One thing we noticed is it starts VERY loud from the day we purchased it mostly when cold. I tried googling & saw nothing. Was tempted to go to the dealer & ask they turn another new one on that was sitting long when cold to see if its just the model or something up with ours. If anyone has any thoughts, please share :slight_smile:

“Both axles” means front and rear even thought virtually no cars have actual axles at either end any more.

Oh - Duhh… You can tell I am not a mechanic :slight_smile: So he is semi retired & would always joke that like him, my car was making noises, but there was no need to replace unless a safety issue. I would be the one driving him crazy getting him to replace stuff. Yea, he would have waited he said…Now with the new car, we have some base maintenance for 3 yrs included so he’ll get the time off he wanted, ha!

Enjoy the new ride. And occasionally drive by your semi retired mechanic and honk to let him know all is well.

Haha - Since I only parted with the blackhawk for my sis to use, she knows to call him on anything & give us the car back if she wants something newer :slight_smile: He will fully reture before he stops getting work from it.

Donuts help. :wink:

Alright - Ill bring them Vegan & Gluten free though to keep him around longer :wink:

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What online source are you using that is sending real OEM parts to you? We have even had some local parts places claim its real OEM when it turns out not to be. Thanks