Brake Problems/Increased stopping distance

No I did not. I changed the drum shoes only but they work fine.

That’s what I thought. I’m willing to try and replace it but I’m running out of options here lol

I’ve never had consistent brake-bleeding results using the hand-held vacuum pump method myself. There’s another vacuum bleeder method that uses compressed air to create the vacuum. That vacuum bleeding technique might work better. A pressure bleeder method may be needed to complete this job.

As far as other possibilities for what’s causing this problem, describe the sequence of events from when the brakes worked correctly, to when you first noticed they were spongey.

So my abs light came on and it ran a code saying my abs pump was bad. Cleared the code with a scanner and it never came back. Couple days later my dad drove it and said he couldn’t stop coming down the hill and that the brake pedal was spongy. ABS light hasn’t come on since.

If that’s how the trouble started…with an ABS code…is there an abs fuse on this truck? Have you tried pulling the fuse to disable the abs and see if the brakes are still spongey?

I do not know what the symptoms of a faulty abs pump would be, whether abs just wouldn’t work, or if you’d get a soft pedal. Others here might know, though.

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Don’t you think it is time to have a professional brake shop involved in this ?


I concur w/SYJ above, at the point where you had a spongey pedal but hadn’t opened any brake lines I’d have just disabled the ABS system and an experiment to see if the spongey pedal problem went away. Even though you’ve already opened the brake lines, trying this idea still makes sense. It could very well be that the problem has nothing to do with your brake bleeding technique.

I figure I update everyone about my problem so if somebody is experiencing the same thing it might help them. The problem was my brake booster causing my spongy brake pedal and increased stopping distance. Brakes work good now. Thank you everyone for the help and input.


So exactly how was the brake booster causing the spongy pedal?

I would think it would of given you a hard pedal.

No idea. I shook the broken one and heard something bouncing around in there. Something broke inside of it but I didn’t bother opening it up and checking what it was.

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Same here that’s why it was the last thing I tried to change.

Fair enough