Best used car for about 7 to 8 thousand dollars?

But you do have to show your AARP card to buy one.

That’s what you look for in a SELLER! A Geezer mobile. Low mileage, well maintained, garaged, never abused. The ones with dual exhausts have 20 more horsepower and a handling package…HPP option.

That is a myth, but you so have to present your card with your license if you get stopped. I would look for one with the Florida dealer Geezer package. It is only available from Florida dealers. It includes, among other things, vinyl roof, chrome wheel well moldings, those window vent/shade things, mud flaps, and turn signals that will not cancel for 3 miles or 10 minutes (whatever comes last).

Seriously, they are reliable, good build quality and inexpensive to buy, maintain and repair. Just the thing if you dare to be dull and drive a big, dumb car.

I like freetime99 and ok4450’s suggestion of a taurus.

Stick with the 12 valve 3.0L engine - very durable.

Pass it up if it has a trailer hitch.

Nothing wrong with the midsize buicks (regal, century) or the bigger fords (crown vic) or buicks (la sabre, park avenue).

With proper maintenance, any of these cars should give you good service to 200K miles or so.

On average, the accord and camry will be slightly more reliable (but this difference probably amounts to somewhere around .5 repair per year. You are unlikely make up the $3000 or $4000 purchase price difference on repairs.