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Atsco remanufactured rack and pinion

Just had to replace and used this brand on my 2000 taurus jsut was wondering if anyone has heard anything about them. When I mentioned to my mechanic that was doing the wheel alignment he almost laughed. Just wondering on everyone thought on this brand.

bump any ideas. My mechanice basically called it dumb that I bought this part from autozone. want to know if true or not. Checked again today and don’t seem like is leaking at all.

I worked at an Auto Zone as a second job for a few years and have not seen any issues with the Atsco steering gears.
Day job is the Ford dealer and on occasion we buy non-ford parts for our repairs and, again, have seen no problems with Atsco any different than other brands.

Your mechanic may just be playing mind games with you to allow him to puchase and mark up the parts too. Many shops don’t really like the customer bringing in their own parts.

Your mechanic wants you to buy a rack FROM HIM, so he gets the markup as well as the installation labor. When a mechanic laughs in the absence of a good joke, he is either portraying INGNORANCE or he wants you to feel stupid becuse you did not buy anything from him. So, let him laugh.

The local Midas guy badmouths Hyundais, because they have to buy real Hyundai parts, which they cannot mark up as much as their own.

Even if a remanufactured atsco rack is not world clas quality, it will likely outlast your 2000 Taurus. So you will probably have the last laugh. And I’m sure you got it at a good price.

Then remember that any warranty issues will be parts only, no labor.

I’m glad to hear you got it in and working well. If the part has a decent warranty you should have no worries.

  1. I have never heard of it but it most likely will outlast your 2000.

  2. He may laugh at your part but it is most likely that he feels he is the authority figure in the repair and he does not like ATSCO, therefore he can give a chuckle, it makes him feel good and it has made you a bit uneasy ( he is a legend in his own eyes).

  3. If he was laughing you down because you bought this rack and want him to install it and he does not want to, then he took the wrong approach from the start. He should have said that he will not perform the repair unless he provided the part, and there would be nothing wrong with that. Some on here state that this is so he can make more profit. There is nothing wrong with that! It is not a sin to make a fair profit. That is why all businesses exist, to make a profit.

Also keep in mind that if something happened that caused you to wreck, who do you blame? Was it faulty installation? Faulty part? Faulty installation that damaged the part? Who knows, and it may never be found out but by that time it’s to late, someone may be in a grave from this. Even though he installed your part with your OK he may still be in hot water if something bad would happen. Customers have asked me to install their part but I politely declined and explained why. Some of them did not like it but they all understood.

I’ve used a number of them with never a problem. One of my current Tinker Toy hot rod cars has an Atsco rack in right now. Four years and no hiccups yet.

While I don’t know the particulars behind the Atsco name, keep in mind that some rebuild facilities will rebuild parts for a number of clients. Each client will get the reman part from the same facility and simply have it packaged differently.