'Americans are right not to trust self-driving cars'


One could program road rage into a self driving car. Think about it, we are trusting the programmers, my favorite line, Windows OS is a virus!


Imagination is a wonderful thing.


Virginia has had this for years. But it is also stated in the Statutes somewhere that the bicyclist also must pull off the road where possible if they are causing a back up. I have yet to see one actually do this. From what I see most off the cyclists around here actually try to piss off motorists. What annoys me he most is their running stop signs. One road (2 lanes each direction and divided) I use every day has a bike path that crosses it. The bike path has stop signs for the cyclists, the road does not. Yet The drivers are the ones getting yelled and cursed at for not stopping. And I bet when one of the stop sign runners gets run over the motorist gets the blame.


A few years ago local TV news reported an SUV had hit a cyclist at an intersection I was familiar with. I looked it up online. The written report had the cyclist travelling downhill possibly exceeding the 35mph speed limit. When they ran the red light they T-Boned a Ford Explorer in the passenger side rear door. The SUV was making a protected left turn on a green arrow and did NOT hit the cyclist!


The hit and run accidents involving bicyclists is outrageous.


obviously the drivers who ran away didn’t have a good excuse for the accident, or possibly it wasn’t an accident.


I wonder… will self driving cars be able to beep the horn?


It’s coming.


LOL, and here I thought I had an original question on the subject! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I posted this before, but think it is worh posting again, courtesy honks,


Speaking of horns and those dang flashing yellow lights allowing a left turn on red, there is one intersection that I think they should be taken out. Twice I had cars almost hit me when I was proceeding through a green light. Today on the way down to the dump with my trailer, there was a pick-up ahead of me with a Bobcat on the trailer. When the light turned green he waited. I didn’t honk but sure enough a guy speeds on through the intersection. Then he got halfway into the intersection and a second car speeds through. Had he not stopped, the little buzz box would have run smack into either the pick-up or the Bobcat. It would not have ended well.


Yeah. It would have been a shame to damage the pickup or the bobcat.


He must have seen the guy trying to beat the red light. I see this all the time. I always look to see if someone’s doing that before going forward when the light turns green.


Maybe the only thing less trustworthy than an autonomous car is the typical human driver.


Me too. I do it before the light turns so that I can move propmptly when the light changes. It’s rare that I can’t see both crossing lanes. When that happens, I wait for the giant truck on my left to move and use him as a shield. I figure no one is going to push that dump truck into me, no matter you fast they are going.


You pretty much have to around Boston. Half the drivers consider the yellow light a signal to speed up. I see cars enter the intersection as it turns red all the time.

Just a few days ago, I stopped at a yellow. The car behind me switched lanes, sped up, and went through the red light.


This is so common in New England. I see it more then once a day.


Just a clarification. Its not someone trying to beat a red light, its the flashing yellow arrow that allows a left turn on red while the cross traffic has a green light. Same as making a right turn on red after a stop. So you can have the cross traffic with the green light and a flashing yellow left turn light and a guy turning in front of cross traffic. A flashing yellow arrow allows turning if there is no other traffic, but I think people don’t realize that cross traffic has a green light even though they have a flashing arrow. I think its just too confusing.


I think most people are confused about who has the right of way not too long back I was in a small town not to far from where I live that has 6 stop light’s during a bad rain all the power was out & most everyone was going 40 to 50 mile’s per hour & most were not stopping to see if anyone was coming the other way you could not see more than 2 car’s ahead this lasted about 30 min. luckl’y there were no acident’s.


Those flashing Yellow arrows started showing up here in MA and NH a couple of years ago (maybe sooner, but I never saw them).

I think it’s kinda obvious that the drivers going straight have a green light. Flashing yellow means yield.


Maybe obvious to you and me but it seems like a lot of folks think the flashing yellow arrow is the same as a solid yellow arrow in which they would still have the right of way. Oh well, enough on the subject but just a warning to be careful at these intersections I guess.