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Alignment becomes Major Repair pitch / What would You do?

So, I went ahead with the wheel hub assembly replacement (here’s the video), the tie-rod is next.

For a start try switching front tires side to side . Whileyou’re doing that you can check for play in the suspension .

I hope you will put some non-hardeninig locktite (or equivalent thread locker) on the inner end of your inner tie rod. I had one unscrew on me once. Kinda messes up your steering all of a sudden. Can also mess up your day. You can “rent” the inner tie rod tool from Autozone. Without it, the job is nearly impossible.

Nice video too.

So, the very best price I could find for the alignment was $49.90 at Belle Tire. They have a machine for 4 wheel alignments and a 6 month guarantee. But, my 2001 Mustang is a solid rear axel so there’s nothing to align in the rear. It’s like a truck, just bolts up and that’s it.
Anyway, I agree that chain stores will try to sell you products and services. But, they are mosty staffed by locals so I disagree that you can’t trust 'em. Just find “people” you trust, chain store or privately owned. The privately owned place I found said they’ll take a look at it and “tell me” what I need. Their alignment (4 wheel) was $102.00 and I don’t know what he thinks I need.
I thought as long as I’m replacing the inner tie rod, I may as well give up the $39.99 for the tie rod end too. So, here’s the vid on the “inner tie rod and tie rod end replacement”. I took it to Belle Tire right after the video ends, in the blizzard. The toe on the left front was way off and after all this I still have a problem with a little pull to the left when braking. Probably a bad caliper. I’ll look into it, but not right now. I saved $150.00 doing this myself.

@plunderz, great job!

a shop would probably have replaced that bellows clamp with the same type.

But you saved a lot of cash.

Is that moog tie rod end greaseable?

@plunderz EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work. We’ll make a genuine car guy out of you yet.

db4690 “Is that moog tie rod end greaseable?”

Yes, there was a zerk fitting that came with and I put it in when I was lookin over the piece. Funny thing was, it goes in on an angle, took me awhile to figure out it wasn’t cross-threaded.

Thanks for your comments guys