Advice on what to do

I wouldn’t advise it. They gave me about a 20% chance for success.

No. He said they had to take the whole front bumper off all the way to the radiator support to remove it. He didn’t mean 10 hours just to replace the radiator, he meant everything - having 3 people drive it for 3 or 4 days, checking everything out, etc. Radiator was $240, 5 hours just to put the new one in (well, probably removing and replacing but that’s how he phrased it) parts were $300, pressure testing it and all the troubleshooting they did, all at $100/hr. So parts and labor came out to that. Actually $1300 if paid by cash. The $1400 was if paid by credit card. And I’m rounding those figures off. Once I get the receipt I can let you know, if you want to know, the breakdown. But I won’t get that for at least a couple more weeks when they finish fixing the rust.

Just to clarify, when I talked about the “tank” I meant that container in the picture that I described that holds the engine coolant. If there’s a “tank” that’s in or attached to the radiator that’s something different from that, I have no knowledge of that “tank” and I’m not referring to it at all. The only “tank” I know of is that one. And I don’t know what else to call it, other than a plastic container? But I used the word tank. It may have a different connotation to you car guys. If so, I apologize that I don’t know the right terminology to call things.

It’s just called the reservoir. No big deal.