Additive vs. high grade gasoline



Maybe some refuse to acknowledge Toyota’s piston and valve problems. Major problems with the 4GR-FSE engine, thousands of these engines have had the pistons replaced under warranty and their valves with 50% blockage cleaned.


And this has been proven to be caused by not using TT gas???


The way I look at it, if I have access to a product that allows my engine to operate better/longer, I’ll use it.



Mike, you took the words right out of my mouth.
Nevada, have you diagnosed the cause of any of these engines as being due to non-TT gas?
Have you ever diagnosed any problems with any of these engines?


How do I know whether I’m buying top-tier rated fuel.? My '98 Camry shimmies when I use 87 octane, so I buy 89 at either Chevron or Gulf and the shimmies are gone.


What is a shimmy? When I think of it, the car wiggles down the road. Describe your issue a little differently.


Every gas station I go to that has Top Tier gasoline, has this label on the pumps.



Shimmying has NOTHING to do with 87 Octane. If vehicle is designed to run on a higher octane then using a lower octane can cause the engine to knock.


By shimmie I mean that after I cut the engine off the car shakes all over and the engine seems to be running erratically.


While that would seem to imply that you are running the car on fuel of too-low an octane, that symptom can also be the result of an engine with an incredible amount of carbon deposits that cause run-on (also known as “dieseling”) after turning off the ignition. However, I have not seen that symptom in cars since the 1980s, and this suggests to me that you need to take the car to a very well-reputed mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

You describe yourself as “cheap”, but failure to repair an obvious problem like this will cost far more in the long run that it would cost to repair it now.


Thanks, I will heed your advice!


You mean, you turn the key off and the engine keeps running? This is a fuel injected engine, so there’s a leaking fuel injector if that’s the case.


Or a leaking fuel pressure regulator.



Hurrah, allow me to suggest that you initiate a new thread telling us the year, make, model, and mileage of your car along with a description of any recent maintenance and what’s been done to date to try to resolve the issue. Offhand it sounds like you’re dealing with a dieseling issue, but with more detailed information we can better help you.

Looking forward to the new thread.


Thanks. Will bring it to my trusted auto shop.