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Nobody is paying the protesters, and they’re not protesting the election.

We can end this silly banter when you stop spreading lies.


OK if you say so but Craigslist advertises for organizers at $12 an hour/$600 a week. Its part of the $40 million bankroll for “Organizing for Action” with 240 local offices around the country. Michelle is a director in Chicago. They don’t all have to be paid but the organizers and sign painters are. But then that’s all lies, lies. A congresswoman from California is not trying to impeach the president. That’s all a lie too. Everything is photo shopped and the words are dubbed in. She maybe thinks that Bush is still President like Pelosi though.


Maybe you’re not aware, but Craig’s List is not a news source. Anyone can advertise anything there, real or not.

…and the election is long over. The demonstrations right after the election were about the election, but every demonstration since the Women’s march on Washington was an issue-based protest. This narrative that every protest is about the election is Orwellian in its bold pathological alignment with bold face lies.

I can’t believe I’m debating with someone who uses Craig’s List ads as source material.


I can’t believe anyone who understands the English language would interpret Bing’s comment the way you did…



Jumble things around much? I don’t use CL as a news source. You said they weren’t being paid. I said they advertise on CL for organizers to hire them under the non-profit ads. That’s not a news source but advertising for help. Why would they advertise for help if they weren’t hiring?


Did you call the number and verify the ad was legitimate?

$13million has been paid re O’Reilly’s supposed peccadillos and he says it’s all lies and his fans say it’s all lies. It seems the New York Times is a much better news source than Craig’s list though.


I asked twice and I think all the advice that’s going to be given, has been given.