98 Lesabre no turn over, radio/heater no work

Radiator fans in the front of the car by the grill.

reverse polarity hookup??? Are you saying the starter is going in reverse? Do not understand. Are you saying the starter is going in reverse? But then the motor would be turning in reverse?

No, the radio problem.

From what I can tell you tested the old starter after you removed it, by connecting it to the car’s battery. Did you completely disconnect the battery from the car’s wiring harness first? If not, that sort of test could have produced some high voltage spikes which could damage one or more of the car’s computer modules. That may be the reason for the unusual engine fan behavior now. (I don’t recommend that sort of impromptu starter test, starters are powerful, test is too dangerous. Let the auto parts store do that on their test fixture. Starter will be bolted to fixture, wires will be connected with proper terminals, and they’ll have a switch/relay to handle the high solenoid currents.)

Are both starter input terminals at least 10.5 volts with the key in “start”? That’s the key test for this problem imo.

I have no experience w/your car’s starter motor design, but it is impossible for my Corolla’s starter to spin yet not crank the engine, unless the starter’s innards are faulty, gears are stripped etc, or the engine is locked. Is it possible you think you are hearing the starter spin, but it is actually something else that is spinning, like the fuel pump? Are you able to rotate the engine manually with ratchet/socket on crankshaft bolt?

I’m not even following this one but sure a starter can run without cranking the engine. If the bendix sticks so the gear is not pushed against the flywheel, the motor will just run on. Had that momentarily with a new starter on my diesel. Then it was fine. Also had it with my lawn mower.

What this has to do with a heater and radio, maybe nothing. I just suspect we a flying around looking at all kinds of stuff without logically addressing the key issues. I recall Sherlock Holmes. When you eliminate the possible, look at the impossible or something like that.

When I tested voltage with the old starter on it was at 11.75v on the on position and 11.3v with the key to the start/turn over position.

So as I said the starter would turn over when I jumped it with a screwdriver. But did not turn the flywheel and nothing wrong with the flywheel.

Tested starter and auto zone tested good. I am going to try jumping the starter without connecting the small terminal and see if then it turns the engine. On the way tomorrow I will get it tested again.

No it was clearly the starter turning. I did it a few times, and it in a nice sounding way was turning over.

I turned the flywheel over with a pry bar. Not tight.

Starter tested good today.

I think that is what the OP means when he says “kicks out”.

It was a ground problem. Car starts good runs good. Only problem is no radio, no heater and the trunk button does not work. I have not looked into that. I assume a fuse, perhaps inside on drivers side.