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5w 30 Max Life vs 10w 30

I recently went to an oil change place and was not paying close enough attention and when I drove away I noticed they put a 5w 20 (synthetic blend) oil in my 1994 Ford Taurus wagon (3.8 liter engine) rather than the recommended 10w 30 for hot weather. It is pretty hot here now and I was wondering should I get it changed and have it replaced with 10w 30? Could this hurt my engine? Thanks!

Was it 5-20 or 5-30?

I think your car will be fine with 5W-30 or 10W-30. When the engine is warm, both oils will behave like a 30 weight oil. If you have 5W-20, you should change it.

5w 20

Thanks! I think I’ll do that.

First error “I recently went to an oil change place” Those oil change places are well known for all the problems they create and for selling services that are not needed. Putting the wrong oil in a car is just one of their lessor errors. (They will put in whatever they happen to have.

I suggest you should look around for a good local INDEPENDENT mechanic.

Check your owner’s manual and see if that weight is within the “recommended oil” options. If it isn’t, then go back with your shop order (that whoudl have the oil weight that they put in listed) and DEMAND that they correct it. Then check their work and your oil level before leaving.

And never darken the door of a Jiffy Lube again. Follow Joseph’s advice.

I would keep an eye on the oil level but I wouldn’t worry about it. At the next oil change, go back to your regular oil. Our independent shop once put 5W-20 in our 2003 Toyota 4Runner. This was in the early spring. I checked the oil level as I always do and did make a long highway trip. I didn’t have any problems.

Actually I do have an independent mechanic but I was traveling for my job and I needed an oil change. I’m aware of the problems with chain service stations however necessity trumped my best judgment in this situation.

Unless you are already 1000 miles over your normal change schedule, you NEVER need an oil change bed enough to ever even consider an “iffy-lube” type place.

Yeah I got it Jiffy Lube = bad.

A can of STP or similar product will convert your 5w-20 to 10w-30 and salvage the oil change…