37 packard transmission


I just found and bought a 37 packard 115C business coupe in a barn where it was parked since 1958. The transmission oil has turned to tar. Can I heat the transmission or pour in kerosine to “cut” the tar? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Richard


Forget the kerosene. Heat the tranny with a heat lamp (no open flame!!) and drain out what you can. Then refill it with 90 weight gear oil and after you have driven it for a while, change it again, perhaps switching to 140 weight.

Way back, some “Grease Monkeys” would pump chassis grease into noisy transmissions in an attempt to quiet them down. This may explain why yours is full of “tar”…Don’t overdue the heat…

With cars like this, you can expect to do a “down to the frame” restoration before you have a safe, drivable car…