2018 GMC Acadia V6 vs. V8

And being a 4 cylinder is NOT the reason it would prematurely fail. Engine design and manufacturing is the key. Yes the Accord 4-cylinder is too small for this vehicle…so what? You design a 4-cylinder that has enough torque. That won’t make it unreliable.

Don’t forget Active Fuel Management. I have a 2018 GM product with the 3.6 and it only runs on 4 cylinders during light loads.

I’d go with the V6 myself while you still can. I can’t believe the mpg will be that much different. For resale, on a vehicle like that, towing will be an issue and you won’t be towing much with the 4. I’ve had nothing but good luck with V6s and get anywhere from 25-30+ on the highway with them.

@ShawnHamilton Any chance you could return and explain why you think a V6 will last longer than a I4 and how you arrived at the $7000.00 figure.

Not to mention they are working hard all the time and usually need to boost with a turbo to compensate. I just can’t see that turbos are good for engines. But for the same revolution of the crankshaft, those four pistons need to travel more than the six pistons, so if nothing else they are bound to wear faster.

Something else to check is to see if they use that stupid start/stop function . I know on the new Traverses with the V6 you can’t even shut it off . I would never buy a car where you couldnt at least shut it off . You cant shut it off it’s off my list .