2018 Ford Fiesta Update

No one may care but here goes anyway.

Just returned from a 1553 miles trip from Oklahoma thru New Mexico ( only northeast corner but most of on unpaved mountain roads ) , Colorado and Kansas. Almost every type of driving possible while traveling and sight seeing.

Dash readout showed AVG miles per gallon at 40.2 MPG ( actual 38.6 by receipts ) - AVG speed of 51 MPH ( have no idea how close that is ). 2 Adults who don’t have the greatest physical condition and we where just fine as comfort and traveling in the vehicle. When you consider this thing had a sticker price of about 17000.00 we are pleased with our purchase.

A added benefit was the small size made finding parking in some of those crowded tourist Colorado old towns a little easier .


Much appreciated, my oldest has her first real job and may be in the market soon. Automatic or manual? Was Ford still using the problematic DCT automatic in this model year?

Ed B.

Excellent gas mileage, especially if not on flat highway the whole time.

Ed , ours is the SE model with automatic trans . The Fiesta is being dropped but there are really low prices on left over 2018’s . The S model does not appear to have cruise control but other then that it is well equipped.

I’m glad to hear it.

…but I’m a bit shocked you paid that much for it. I expected the price to be closer to $14,000.

I wrote that it had a sticker price of about 17000.00 which it did have. I did not pay that much for it .


Not that many left in stock at most dealerships but $4,000-$5,000 discounts are being offered on SE hatch’s depending on the dealer.