2018 Ford Fiesta Reveiw


We purchased a 2018 Ford Fiesta SE automatic a little over a month ago . So far we are both pleased . We find that running errands it is comfortable , backup camera works good because I back into parking places and being the 5 door Hatchback we can pile quite a bit of stuff in it.

The actual MPG have been 32 - 28 - 31 ( the pencil and paper method ) doing what would be called combined driving. It had a sticker price of $17705.00 and no I will not tell anyone what we really paid for it. The dealer treated us well and a couple of weeks after the purchase we received 2 nice coffee cups and 6 really good cupcakes in the mail.

As you can see I took my own advice and bought a new car instead of an used vehicle and proved that a sub 20000.00 vehicle can be bought.


Congrats! Every time I test a new affordable vehicle I am amazed at just how great they really are. A friend of mine paid $45K for a BMW in 2013 and for that price it did not include a backup camera. The content in affordable cars is amazing.


Not sure but I think any car made after May 2018 has to have a backup camera.