2015 Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX - Need ideas

Well with the 15’ WRX the timing chain is very easy to install and install properly if followed step by step in the manual which I’ve done. So the timing is not the issue. I’m headed to pick up my car now and will talk to the tech as well a go over his write up and get back to you guys. Thank you all so much for the help.

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I kind of figured the chain was not the issue with compression that good. Thanks for the updates.

Alright so it was a huge mistake on my part. Shouldn’t try to put the engine back in the car and to the transmission late at night an alone. I incorrectly installed the crank signal plate.


Thanks for the explanation. I’m glad the problem was found and fixed. Doesn’t sound all that expensive after all.

I’m curious about that crank signal plate. Where does it go, and how is it possible to install it incorrectly? (Lots of parts only fit in one position.)

I once put a distributor in my brother’s Fiat 128 180 degrees off kilter. Since then I’ve found some engines keep that from happening by design.

It’s goes over the clutch pressure plate. There’s a dial pin that I had in place but once I got it into the car it shifted.

So they had to pull the trans to get at the clutch pressure plate? Or could they sneak it in or rotate it somehow without so much disassembly?

The service manual states to remove the transmission to replace the crankshaft position sensor plate, this is the tone wheel for the CKP sensor. The flywheel must be removed from the crankshaft to reposition the sensor plate, 7 hours labor.

His write up said they pulled it because they were going to re time it.

Anyone else think that’s a needlessly hard-to-access place for that part?

A downright stupid place for it.

Any transmission issues are usually handled by pulling the engine…in Subaru land. It’s certainly true on all the ones I’ve worked on. Need a new clutch? Step one…pull engine (surprisingly easy btw)

Its far easier than getting Subaru’s AWD trans out of the vehicle. In fact I dont know anyone who does a Subaru clutch any other way.