2014 Rav 4 - Wrong tire size?

I have had to put a 6 foot breaker bar on them before. Go around the car and half of them break. Then go to two different dealerships to get enough studs. I made the tire shop pay for every bit of it and got a new set of tires out of the deal.

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From the OP’s post: “My last pair of tires were worn out so I decided to go to Walmart …”

The problem is that people think that one place is as good as the next… until something breaks. If you buy everything else at Walmart why not tires. Next people will tell Alexa to order tires and you come out and your rims are gone. They come back in two weeks with new tires unless you have prime, then it will be four days. Ofcourse never mind they take the wheels from the wrong car leaving you to drive on sketchy tires while you try to fix the issue. Also there is the matter of extra parts taken off you car that you didn’t really need, which needs those pesky airbags and cats right. puts down crystal ball

And this has happened to you?

Guys stop arguing, I got it figured out.

Well , that is good . So how about telling what you figured out and the conclusion to this story .

Who’s arguing?

The order form did show that I asked for the correct tires I wanted in the first place, but in the system, the lady said they didn’t have it in stock even though I saw them on display. The manager confirmed that they did have it in stock, but for some reason it wasn’t in the system (Walmart logic). They confirmed that they, in fact, installed the wrong set of tires and replaced them free of charge.I guess the lesson I learned was not to get my car worked on by tire and lube employees that look to be about four generations deep inbred.


The truth is you have to be careful no matter where you go, it is hard to find some place you can trust. Places like Walmart or Pep Boys offer little pay and just as much training. That is not to say there not people who know what they are doing and care about their work, they are the minority these days.