2009 GMC Acadia ac issues

2009 Acadia air conditioning does not work. The Ac snowflake will flash three times and nothing. It blows hot air. I have replaced the compressor twice now, replaced condenser, new drier, new expansion valve. Jumped the relay to kick start the compressor which would then run but short cycle 9 secs on 4 secs off. It would take refrigerant but would then be way high on low side gauge and low to normal on high side gauge. No leaks to be found. I have also taken it to three different shops and they just want to replace the compressor. Any thoughts or ideas? Has anyone ran into something similar to this with their Acadia. Its been one hot summer so far.

Are you saying you, yourself, replaced the compressors?


I second Tester’s question- who is doing this work, and what is their capability/ understanding level of a/c systems?

See below for flashing a/c button:
Some customers may comment that the Air Conditioning (A/C) indicator on the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Control Module flashes then turns off after they press the A/C button. Others may comment that the Recirculation indicator on the HVAC Control Module flashes then turns off after they press the Recirculation button.
This is normal operation for the HVAC Control Module and indicates that the A/C or Recirculation function is not available at this time.
Reasons that the A/C may not be available (calibrated values vary by program) are listed below. Consult the appropriate vehicle Service Information (SI) for detailed HVAC Description and Operation:
• Ambient Air Temperature is too low (if equipped with Ambient Air Temperature Sensor)
• Vehicle voltage less than 9.5 volts
• Refrigerant Pressure too low
• Refrigerant Pressure too high
• Engine Coolant Temperature too high
• Engine is not in RUN
• HVAC Control Head is in the OFF position
Reasons Recirculation may not be available: Mode switch in Floor, Defog or Defrost mode.
The reason(s) A/C is currently disabled can be viewed with a Tech 2® by navigating to HVAC Data display and viewing the “A/C Permission” parameter.
Do not replace the HVAC Control Module for a flashing A/C Indicator or flashing Recirculation Indicator, as this is normal operation.

Yes me myself. First was defective leaking from the clutch. System was evacuated.

Did you flush the AC hoses/evaporator prior to installing the new compressors?


System was flushed (amazon kit) but I don’t think impurities are the problem.It’s something I’ve never run into. Usually replace the part and it is fixed but this one is something. That’s why I posted hoping someone ran into this before. I’ve been working on cars for 20+ years an usually its replace and its fixed but not here.

What’s an Amazon kit?