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2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Going Through Oil

I think we’re all in agreement on that point

So what is YOUR solution . . . ?!

Do NOT top off at all as needed . . . ?!

Top off with used motor oil . . . ?!

It’s a little frustrating, because you say what you would NOT do

But you don’t say what you WOULD do

And if you do, it’s not very clearly stated . . . at least in my opinion

If the OP is not inspecting the oil level on a regular basis and keeping it topped off as necessary then that act alone can lead to oil consumption problems. Along with a dozen other causes.

There can be subtle dropoffs in performance when cats get partially clogged due to oil burning.
Over the years and just for hoots, I’ve probably cut a dozen of them open. The honeycomb structure was usually partially clogged to some extent; say 25 to in some cases 50%.
My analogy would be like trying to breathe while someone is lightly squeezing your throat.

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Keep up with maintenance and top and top off oil as needed vs " I would change the oil less often, since you’re continually replenishing it "

If you saved your records and can prove that you reported the problem in time you may have a good case, worth a try. On the other hand, a qt. every 1000mi. on a high mileage car isn’t a disaster. My family had several Chrysler products from the 60’s-80’s that started out at ~ 500-750mi, qt. and, after a long period, gradually went down to ~ 200mi/qt. All were running strong when we donated them at 150,000-200,000mi.