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2007 Rav4 rumbling

My Rav4 experiences a low rumbling noise at around 1,500 RPM. The noise dissappears if I let off the gas, or speed up. I have brought the vehicle to 3 different repair shops, including a transmission place, and nobody has been able to give me any answers as to what the problem is. One place said that it sounds like it’s in the tranny or transfer case, and that it feels/sounds like it’s going into the torque converter lockup too early. The vehicle has just over 60K miles on it. I just want to know what to do, as it is driving me crazy, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Do you feel a vibration or is it just the noise?

A possibility is failing inner CV joints, especially if the rumble is felt as well as heard.

@ Keith:
Yes - I can feel a slight vibration under foot, and on the gas pedal. Though it is only slight. The noise itself has gotten steadily louder since I first heard it as well. Also, I have noticed a decline in MPG.

Well then I have to agree with VCD, have someone inspect those CV joints. I don’t know what year your RAV4 is but some Toyota’s have an isolated differential, that is it doesn’t share oil with the transmission. The differential oil has to be changed separately and more frequently. If yours is one of these and you haven’t been servicing it on schedule, there may be damage there.

Its a 2007 Rav.

I have a 2006 Sport V6, and this same noise started around 85k miles. See 2006 Rav4 "rumbling" noise

There is really no reason to open a 4 year old thread. They have either solved their problem or gave up.