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2005 Ford Ranger 2ND Timing Chain issue

Ford took care of the problem in 2002, they had defective timing chain guides, a 2005 wouldn’t have that problem.

And as for being a Non-interference engine, explain this

Biggest issue now with the 4.0 SOHC is not changing oil often enough. Needing replacement at 94,000 miles is a good indicator of oil not being changed often enough.

The replacement timing chain only lasting 10,000 miles is either defective parts used or improperly installed, proving either one will be difficult.

I would say that if you can’t get the first shop to repair this for little to no out-of-pocket cost, you should dump this truck and buy something else. It does not make sense to spend another $4000+ to fix this, especially when the problem is likely to recur. Furthermore, $4000 can buy a different car or truck in good running condition with similar mileage.

I would sell this Ranger on Craigslist as “for parts or repair” and ask for $1000, but be prepared to go as low as $500. If the body and everything else are in good condition, you should get close to $1000 from someone who can DIY repair it. For someone such as yourself, who must pay a shop to fix it, this truck is a money pit.

The only thing I can come up with, Tester’s link must be incorrect.

Thanks for all the help guys. I think I will try in court. The new mechanic is ready and willing to help take on the first shop. I have kept up with maintenance throughout the trucks life and was told the fluid levels were all fine when it seized up.

Levels are good is what the new shop told me. Changed every 4,000 just about

Do you have all the receipts to back that up . . . ?

paperwork is key in this situation

Ill see what paperwork I can dig up. Oil changes have been on the road as I have travelled a lot in the truck…

Found a 2009 Tacoma access cab w/ 5 speed manual trans, 84,000 miles for $11k. More than I originally wanted to spend but seems like a good deal from what Ive seen in the used Tacoma market. Thoughts? Anyone weigh on in that smaller motor? I don’t tough much besides camping gear and the pup anyway. Thanks all!

There’s no way anyone on Earth can say with any degree of certainty at all whether a used vehicle will be a good one or not. There are simply too many variables.

Take a 100 used 2009 Tacomas and more than likely only a small percentage will have been driven decently and maintained well.
The hard part is picking the good ones out of the clutter.

Ya for sure. I will take it to a mechanic for inspection. But what else should I look for in general. One owner, no accidents, clean title, ill ask for service records…

$11k seems a little pricey for the Tacoma, but not completely out of line. I think there’s several on-line used car price websites available, Kelly Blue Book etc. I expect you’ll be able to bargain the price down a bit if you show interest to the owner. Life’s a big flea market, make and offer and see what they say. Be sure to use the forum search feature here (upper right this page) to see other posts about the Tacoma. I think there’s been some posts about frame rust, so make sure that’s part of your shop’s pre-purchase inspection. The advice here about used cars varies, but is pretty unanimous about one thing: always have a used car inspected by your own mechanic before writing any checks. Best of luck.

BTW, if I had that problem and decided to try replacing the timing chain stuff again I’d buy the oem replacement part set from Ford.

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