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2003 Hyundai Elantra - Dome light, Radio, and clicker

I took my wifes car to the dealer. They removed fuse #25 because it was blown. They replaced and it blew immediately. They “removed underdassh cover to access fuse bloc, disconnected room lamp connector, I/P-C and I/P-D. Short is still there.” What is I/P-C and I/P-D? Any thoughts? Thanks.

I’m going to guess that I/P means Instrument Panel. C and D? Good question. You should ask the service people at the Hyundai dealer.

What do you mean by “clicker?”

I don’t understand why they didn’t trace the wiring, find the short, and repair it. That’s the only way these things will work again. As long as the short circuit exists the fuses will keep blowing.

I asked for a diagnosis and informed the dealership it wasn’t the fuses and while I am a mechanical novice that is an easy step. The told me after the diagnosis that it would require tearing apart the “whole” car and cost thousands of dollars.

The clicker I am referring to is the automatic doorlock opener attached to a key chain.

Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe I/P-C stands for instrument panel/cabin and I/P-D stands for instrument panel/dashboard. It sounds as though the circuit contnrols the electric door locks or at least the receiver that sends the signal to a relay that controls the door locks. I think that a shop that specializes in electrical work might be a place to take the car if you want to have this repaired.