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2002 Mazda Protege repairs per Mechanix Files recommend in Florida


Rockauto has a wide variety of parts

And some of them aren’t very good

If you want to buy cheap junk, Rockauto has it

If you want to buy high quality parts, Rockauto has it


Personally, I would not install a junkyard ac compressor . . . unless I knew 100% that it was replaced right before the car wound up in the junkyard

Too many variables, in my opinion

If I needed a core, so that I could take it to a rebuilder, I might consider a junkyard part

yeah, an ac compressor is not the best example for parts that can be salvaged. but if it s still fully charged it may be ok

I agree tho, that its a risky part to salvage

Good news. They will be within easy driving distance of Leesburg. He went back to Cartalk Mechanix files and found a mechanic there, who got a NEW compressor and installed it same day! $950 total. One year warranty.

Different mechanic; different supply system, I guess. Makes all the difference in the world, even if both are good mechanics. Which I think they are.

So far, three mechanics on Mechanix Files, and all three were as good as rated by the customers. Good job, Cartalk.

Still no rental housing within reasonable driving distance. Actually, with utilities, a house or mobile home isn’t that much cheaper than the motel by the week. The difference is they would have much more room in a rental home.

She starts work next Monday in Webster schools. He plans to work through the list of needed repairs as they get assets. He did agree with the list, said, yes, it’s just like the mech said. But, he didn’t give me the list. It was mostly suspension type stuff and CV joints, in general, he said.