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2001 ford f250

my ac compressor stopped working,soon after my cruise control stopped working as well. there is refrigerant in the ac system. could it be a relay with both on the same cicuit, if so wich one?

You should be able to find out in the owners manual. If you don’t have one, I downloaded a Ford manual once in pdf format free from somewhere at the Ford website (can’t remember exactly where or I’d send a link).

The AC could be several things: 1. Not enough refrigerant: Have you checked it? Tried adding a can or 2? It could be a bad clutch on the compressor. Some of these clutches can be replaced, some come as part of the compressor unit. The other thing, and common on diesels is the plug is worn out and not getting good contact. This is the plug that goes into the top of the compressor that activates the clutch. You might try wiggling it to see if you can get it working again. I had trouble with one of these and removed the plug, cleaned the contacts and spread them a little with a small screwdiver, then wire tied the wire onto the compressor bracket to give it a little more strength. Still had to go shake it every now and then.

My old 7.3 truck didn’t have cruise and my 6.0 truck didn’t run long enough to have cruise problems. I know that on the newer trucks, the cruise is on the same gray plug that runs the aggravating door beeper. It’s under the dash near the column. You might check that. I know on the newer one, I unplugged it to shut the beeper up like I’d done on all previous trucks and the cruise wouldn’t work.

I doubt they are on the same circuit. There is 2 fuse boxes on those trucks, one under the dash and another under the hood between the brake cylinder and air filter.