1998 cadillac deville

“Worth it” is highly subjective, and depends on how much you like the car, and what a suitable replacement would cost. I work in HVAC, and one of our customers is the landlord for a large automotive repair shop (among other buildings) which we service.

I have seen them do engine-out repairs, and engine replacement on cars which were worth far less than the repair costs, but people still do it. The last time I was there, I saw a 1991 or 1992 Toyota Corolla wagon getting such a major repair, and was happy to see that someone was willing to pay to keep this car on the road. I’m sure most people here would have told the owner to junk it and buy something else.

Those Northstar engines turned out to be a real mess, one of GM’s failures. So no, they’re not ‘better’.

And I cannot find the comment that ticked you off. Nothing was said that justifies your reaction.


I think I’m being unjustly accused. Anything I said was to be helpful in assessing the issue and based on my knowledge of those dang engines for the 150K we put on it.


Post # 6 was rewritten twice. The OP knows what was in the original reply via the email received.

Oh I see. Slipped by me. I’m kinda curious though what pipe was cleaned out to fix it. I’ve got the factory manual so maybe I’ll take a look see.

If the plumbing to the reservoir is restricted, it is difficult to impossible to properly refill the cooling system.

Ever changed the headgaskets or starter on a transversely mounted Northstar?

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Here’s a good video describing the reason they blow head gaskets

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Indeed you are, but he believes that he is aloud (sic) to post alot (sic) of his opinions–be they valid or not.

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Hard to get heads over studs with motor in car


Yep, have to pull the engine. The mechanic on the video said he hasn’t done any of those repairs (other than to his daughter’s car), who’s going to pay $4000-$5000 on a $2000 used car?

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When I go to Car Shows I hardly ever see a Lincoln Town Car and I walk right on by the Cadillac’s.


Heh heh. I know/no it’s not fair, but I do tend to judge the person by the word usage. I envision a 17 year old kid but then at 17 I knew/new better even. Just didn’t know/no how to rebuild a Morris SU carb. We have the benefit of the internet now. :grin:

I think that it is inevitable that–sooner or later–someone’s poor language skills will come back to haunt him/her. When I was in the position to hire people, I can recall trashing more than one application that was accompanied by a cover letter stating that they were responding to our newspaper “add”. While there are surely many jobs for which they would qualify, I did not want someone who didn’t know the difference between a mathematical function and the abbreviation for advertisement drafting Court Complaints for us.

During my days of grading students’ papers, I don’t recall ever seeing that type of misusage, and those students ranged from 5th grade to 11th grade.

Yeah, as noted in the video, those early Northstar engines were notorious for headgasket failures and besides the problem of tapping the engine, the kicker was that simply getting access meant dropping the engine cradle and lifting the car over it.
Back in the early 2000’s prices quoted by independent mechanics were in the $4,000 range for a $2,000 car, no guarantee of permanent fix and all refused the work, which tells you a lot.

End of story was the DeVille joined the row of about a dozen otherwise pristine DeVilles at the salvage yard.

Well, at least while one is doing all of that engine disassembly on a Northstar, it is easy to replace the badly-positioned starter motor. Sort of…
You’ve already torn it down to a great extent, so you might as well replace that starter motor proactively, rather than having to tear the engine down again in the future.

The Interwebs are destroying English grammar and spelling. At least I think that is prolly the culprit. :confounded:

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If that story isn’t apocryphal the dealer was an idiot.

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Yeah stuff like that is really silly. The only interview I ever had with people playing tricks like that was with the FDIC. They interviewed as a group and would insult you, your mother, alma matter, etc. trying to get a rise out of you. So transparent and bunch of jerks. That was over 50 years ago so they are probably all dead now.

Oh yeah forgot about negotiating salary with C.L. the old lawyer and his partner. Cheapskates and full of themselves.

Well if it is true, he definitely wouldn’t hire me. I don’t even know what apocryphal means. :person_facepalming: