1997 Saab turbo moaning



When the automatic transmission shifts (alway smoothly) I often hear a low moaning sound at the shift point. The car has 75K miles and runs well. Is it the transmission? PS I had the car shipped to Boston from Florida. It was after the shipping that the moaning began.


Just a thought does this SAAB have a boost gague? if so how far into the boost are you. I would think moaning could be something vibrating. Cant connect the Boston to Florida shipping to anything but was the car towed on its own four wheels? on a dolly (then just two of its wheels on the ground) or on a trailer no car wheels on the ground? Could the towing method knocked some part out of position?


I don’t know what a boost gauge is–it does have a turbo boost gauge, if that’s what you mean. The car was towed behind a truck with the rear wheels down, but only to a carrier that shipped it north.


Yeah I mean turbo boost what level of boost was showing (if any) when the moan occured?


I didn’t notice, but the level would have been very low since I wasn’t going very fast or revving high.