1982 Toyota Pickup Alternator



This is all way to confusing for me.
There is a I C regulator on side panel of truck that all wires are connected too.
Is this something that can be fixed or tested?
Not very good with cars . As you can read on>> trying to get some ideas for My nephew who is working on truck with not a lot of success


It is time for professional help. A hot rod shop might even be able to change the system to a modern alternator for a reasonable price.

It’s too late now but the next time you need help please start your own thread.


Ok, I think I see what you mean. The '82 2wd pickup with the 22R engine does seem to have the alternator voltage regulator separate from the alternator. Most vehicles these days include that part w/the alternator ass’y. Even my late 70’s VW had that part inside the alternator. But the 22R alternator of that time period must have it separate, like my early 70’s Ford truck.

The diagram I’m looking at shows it located in the driver’s side front wheel area. A part like that isn’t usually serviceable. It’s just replaced when it fails. As for testing, it is spec’d at 13.8-14.8 V, temperature 77 F. I presume that is the alternator output voltage range. So it can be measured at the battery posts w/the engine idling. Anything out of that range indicates either a faulty voltage regulator, faulty alternator, faulty battery, or problem in the car’s electrical system.


You might want to visit the attached Toyota info, It shows the regulator as being incorporated into the alternator assembly.


I think that diagram might mean that part comes with the alternator when you buy one, but if you look at the voltage regulator in the diagram, you can see it has two holes used to bolt it somewhere, presumably other than actually on the alternator. The info I’m looking at says it is a separately replaceable part, 1/2 hour labor. I see no separate price for the item tho.


Nope. The diagram and part numbers are not from an aftermarket supplier. The diagram is Toyota’s exploded view drawing for the OEM alternator assembly. It’s the same one the Toyota parts guy uses to look up direct replacement parts. The part numbers referenced are Toyota part numbers, the assembly is the Toyota assembly.


Here’s another link that might be of help to the OP. The poster says “I have replaced my external regulator today”, indicating that part is separately replaceable on the poster’s 22R 1982 Yota pickup.



I have tried everything.
How do I check wiring to alternator to see if that is failing?