1937 buick rat rod


BustedKnuckles has the right idea. You may not be able to get a taller or wider radiator, but I’ll be you have plenty of room to put a DEEPER radiator in the car. Visit a custom radiator shop and have them take a look. I’d bet that they can come up with anything you need pretty easily. That’s the absolute right way to go for this application, anf will solve your problem forever.

Don’t expect it to be cheap though. Won’t cost anything to have them take a look though.


thanks for all the input I think thats what i spend my GOV rebate money on. since I got you all on the horn I am having 1 other problem which is kind of stumping me. my front breaks are pads and rear are dums, I noticed that the craiger rims i have are SUPER hot, my first thought was my calipers were sticking, but they both seemed to be stuck when I put it on my lift, I changed my calipers and thought that would fix it but it didnt, i bled the brakes replaced them with new ones. still the brakes were always on. I talked to a guy at that does brakes (didnt know a whole lot like myself) but he said check the master cylinder i looked inside and saw a white metal cigarette looking thing that was shaved down, i talked to some people and they said to make it shorter( sorry for not knowing the tech terms) I shortend it and all it seemed to do is make the pedal sink lower into the ground at first it releaved the constant pressure, but now its back and i have to press the pedal all the way to the floor to break. it seems like there is always tons of pressure in the lines, and im trying to figure out why this would be? anyone know?


I just want to give kudos for not going with the ubiquitous 350/350 combo.