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'04 Volkswagen Passat 40K mile checkup

Hey folks! I’m a newbie, but plan on spending a lot of time here. Does anyone know if all the work and replacements are really needed when getting the 40K mile checkup? They said it would be about $460 or so to do all these filter replacements and more. I don’t mind doing things that are needed, but I don’t want to do a lot of unnecessary work for that amount of money. Thx in advance!

I would carefully read the OWNER’S Manual, and then go to an independent garage that will servce your car. I’m sure you will be able to do it for less. Some VW models need special fluids; make sure those you use are VW compatible.

As Docnick said, read the owner’s manual. It will list the service required at 40K miles, and then you decide where to take it. Just make sure you get everything done.

Bear in mind that, at 4 years/40k miles, your car is still under warranty and in order to maintain that warranty’s coverage you NEED to get the stipulated maintenance (per the owner’s manual) done whether or not it’s really “necessary.” It doesn’t have to be done at the dealer, but it does have to be done.

Thanks for all the information folks. I’ll consult the manual again. Good info about the warranty issue.
Thx again.