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toyota t100 4 wheel drive not engaging

I have a 97 toyota t100 with ADD (automatic disengaging differential. I am able to move the 4wd shifter through both low and high positions but 4wd is not engaging. the vehicle sat for a few months and I think that may be part of the problem. any ideas how to get 4wd to engage


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    The biggest problem here is that you actually bought a Toyota. The only thing more reliable then a Toyota is the reputation.
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    ADD uses a vacuum actuator to engage the front differential. The vacuum slides a coupler connecting the front axle which activates the diff and the front drive. There are hoses that connect from the vacuum actuator to a switch then to the manifold. Sometimes the diaphram(s) in the actuator will get torn or develop a hole. Age will certainly contribute that happening. The actuator is up by the front axle likely next the diff. Haven't looked in a T100 before but logically that's were is should be.
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