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prius in the winter



  • edited October 2007
    Windchill is absolutely irrelevant to a car starting. The actual outside air temperture counts not the wind derived # freezing human flesh. A prius is a fine choice. Basically it sound like you get below 0 weather eg -20F occasionally with lots of wind.

    I would suggest using synthetic oil for the winter as engine cranking is much easier on vehicle and your battery. Also a good set of winter tires over all-season tire rubber not just for better traction in snow/ice/slush but that the tires rubber can handle cold better. Basically winter tire's rubber is optimized for cold temps while all-season rubber turns very hard at cold temps and loses traction easier on wet/dry pavement.
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    It just seems like a silly idea to freeze heck out of everything and then expect the engine to start right up and actually work. I don't know if it works or not, but I shiver when I think about it. Limestone Me. is cold too, and I won't go back there to live, due to physical handicaps. My brain won't allow me to either. Just listen to me! Two years ago, I was living in Ca. and saying that I would never move back to the East coast. The co-worker said the same. We're both in the East now. Augusta barely had a winter last whatever it was and all the ski-doos have wheels now. Go ahead and buy the Prius, you won't be there long! Seriously, get a Rav-4 because YOUR environment counts too and OUR environment won't miss one Prius. Also, they're not pretty. I could eat an Oldsmobile and puke a better looking car than a Prius.
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    LOL! I'd give you six stars for that last sentence if I could! :)
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    Fort Kent is not cold on average. The temp you state as I said before is wind chill which makes absolutely and utterly no difference to a car engine starting.

    The lows/highs average's of local weather in that vicinity ->

    Notice the coldest temperature listed on average is -4F. That means occasionally it gets -20F or lower and may occasionally have some issues possibly however synthetic winter only and waiting for the sun to shine helps. Heck my 2004 WRX wagon started ok with 10W30 (relatively thick) dino oil in -15F weather in northern NH. It did not sound pretty sounding but starting first attempt.

    Any car will do.
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    The Prius will be fine. However, don't expect great gas mileage. From what I've read, the mileage is similar to any other car's in the winter, due to the cold temperatures (longer warm-up periods), and the heater and defroster running constantly - obviously, the engine needs to run for there to be heat.
    But the Prius will certainly work. Personally, I'd get a conventional, similarly sized model and save the cost of the premium on the Prius.
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    I've lived in Maine all my life, and everyone I know up in the county has at least one 4x4 vehicle or at least an AWD car/minivan. That being said...The state does do a good job keeping most of the primary roads clear, but hills and secondary roads are always an issue. A lot will depend on where you live: in town, out in the woods, private or public road, dirt or paved road (dirt roads are a mess in the spring when the frost comes out). You may want to go through one winter first before you make a purchase, assuming you currently have a car that will last through the winter.

    I also have a friend who owns a prius, and we take it skiing all the sucks in the snow and does not like the big hills. At least it's light-weight and easy to push:)

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    Hey! What's wrong with how Oldsmobile's look?! :)
  • edited October 2007
    You may want to google the following "prius traction control snow" and then read all you can about their problems in slick conditions before you buy.
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    Check with Toyota to see if they sell an optional snowplow attachment for it.
  • edited October 2007
    Wind chill may not be an issue with starting the car, but it is an issue if you have to get out and walk. YOu want reliable if you are driving in the boonies. If you don't have experience driving in the winter, keep a blanket and a snow shovel in the car, and be sure you always have warm clothes -- hat, mittens, good boots,....
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