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Do hybrids have higher level of EMF

I've read that hybrid vehicles such as the Prius have a high level of electromagnetic field. Is this true?


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    Maybe. But EMF isn't dangerous. If it were, my remains would have been toasted during my last MRI. Or perhaps I'd glow in the dark. Hey, that would be cool!!!!
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    Any electric motor with a high amperage draw will create a significant EMF. I'm reasonably sure that these cars have shielding in place to cut down on the amount that makes it out to other parts of the car, but I have to imagine that the EMF produced in a hybrid vehicle is significant. If you are asking that question in relation to health issues... well, I would challenge you to find any conclusive study that says EMF (especially at the levels produced by a hybrid) poses a significant health risk.
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    No, my question isn't about the health consequences of EMF (if any). I'm looking for raw data or measurements of EMF in a regular vehicle vs a hybrid.
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    While searching the terms "hybrid car EMI" I ran across this website:

    Some interesting reading and actual values reported therein. I looked over a number of other sites that came up in the search and found quite a bit of information. If you're interested, I suggest doing the same.
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    I looked into this in a posting on (post #23 on this thread):

    I found two listings of EMF readings for cars, and the Prius was no different from any other car. The listings are here:

    and post #4 in this thread:

    The upshot is that the Prius is no different from any other car. You can get much higher EMF exposure from many household appliances and electronics than you do from your car. Even if you are worried about EMFs, your car (including your hybrid) should be low on your list of worries.

  • I have a Tri Field Meter used to test for EMF fields and just happened to have it on when starting my car one day and noticed the meter jump well above 3mG. Readings surely differ from model to model of automobiles, but long term exposures certainly place them in the caution zone. See article on EMF Fields available at
  • So, I think you need to read some real science.
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    According to Consumer Reports...The Prius is no where near the highest.
  • Looks like no relationship between EMF and whether a car is a hybrid. Having a steel shell between the people and the electronics is a major factor.
  • As far as I know, hybrids haven't been banned for people with pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. As long as that is the case, I am pretty sure the driver isn't exposed to enough EMF to worry about.
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