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PolyDyn TX7

Does this stuff work?
<br/> Is there a chance of harming my enginge over the long run by adding it to my oil?
<br/> Is it really $20.00 a bottle, as suggested by my local oil change merchant, or can it be bought at any auto parts store?


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    "Does this stuff work?" Yes, it works quite well as a profit generator for the company that sells it. Whether or not it will do anything for your engine is highly debatable.

    Normally there is NO NEED for oil additives of any kind, and many of them are actually detrimental. I'd save my money if I were you.
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    Ditto. What McP said. With emphasis.
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    If you can't find it at your local auto parts store it is because they refuse to carry snake oil. Well, most snake oil products... there are simply too many junk additives for anyone to stock them all.

    This product is unlikely to damage your engine. By all means, try it. Some 100,000 miles later you can report back to us about how it lengthened the life of your engine. Of course, some of us will have put on 200,000 miles in that same time and did it without using PolyDyn.

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    This product is unlikely to damage your engine.

    That may not be true. I'm not saying that it will, I've never heard of the stuff, but with oil temps running in the 300?+ range and much hotter for the oil trapped in the engine during shutdown, any additives that cannot withstand this heat could do serious damage.

    OP, hunter, if you decide to try this product, watch your oil very closely. If it gets dark quickly, change it immediately, that is a sign that it is breaking down and contaminating your oil
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