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How Do I Flush A Gas Tank On A 1968 Camaro



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    I also have another problem i cant seem to figure out how to remove the window cranks. any solutions?
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    A new fuel pump is cheap. Replace it.
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    Itf it's like other GM cars that I have known, there is a wire clip on the backside of the crank. Push the door liner back while pulling out on the handle to see the clip. There is a special tool to grab the clip but I just used a piece of coathanger wire with a short hook bent on the end. A small flat bladed screwdriver might work too. Watch the clip carefully as it might go flying and use safety glasses too.
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    The window cranks had a little clip that needs to be removed. Push in on the door panel around the crank and you should see the clip that attaches to the crank. Get in there with a screwdriver and push it out. When the clip is off then just pull the crank straight off.

    A easy way to get the crank back on....Put the clip on the window crank FIRST..Then just push the crank on...The clip just snaps into place.
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    Another cool way to remove them is with a shop rag. Push the door panel in just a bit and then slide the middle of the rag in between the panel and the handle. Then just twist the rag around the handle and hold on to the ends while you turn the crank. The clip gets caught on the rag and pops right off. Pull the handle off and the clip is sitting in the rag. Works like a charm and no risk of scratching the panel.
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    I'm pretty sure that if old fuel didn't clog it up, all the rubber in the carburetor and fuel pump will be rotted. Rebuild/replacement will be necessary. Same for all rubber parts, brake lines, coolant/heater hoses and fuel lines.
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