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90 octane ethanol free VS regular 87 octane

My father-in-law just introduced me to a site where you can see locations of gas pumps in the U.S. that provide ethanol free gas. After taking a look around my area, I found that there is a station close by that provides ethanol free, however it is 90 octane. My question is whether or not it is worth it. I have a 2003 mazda protege in which the manual says use "87 octane", but have read online that using a higher octane will not cause damage to my car. Also I have read that ethanol free is better for your car being that it is straight fuel without additives and will keep your car running longer and cleaner. All that being said, is it worth the extra cost to use and continue to use the ethanol free based on just regular e10 87 octane and will there be much of a difference.

Also I tend to travel a lot for my company so if this will increase my fuel economy it would be a big benefit


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