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automatic transmission whine

Bought a 2011 Toyota Camry about 2 weeks ago. Noticed a few days ago a severe whine I think is coming from the transmission, when it is started. The noise goes away after about 2 miles of driving and the car seems to shift OK. The dealership says this is "normal", but I've not heard other Camrys doing this.
Any thoughts?


  • I would first check your transmission fluid (if possible). Low transmission fluid can cause the torque converter to "whine" until it warms up and expands. If that's okay then let a good, independent transmission shop check out the tranny. A 2011 Camry should be very quiet in operation. Something is up and I believe your dealership is full of beans.
  • Our 2010 camry had a 100k warranty. I assume urs does too?
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