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Another used car salesman acts like one.



  • I tend to agree with @thesamemountainbike.

    My own story proves that unscrupulous people will try to . . . . anybody, even those they work with!
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    When someone gets taken advantage like his illustration by a local "small business", it's disgraceful and as indicated by others, borderline criminal.

    When the exact same thing happens to the elderly here in the North East with cold weather heating oil price gouging by "oil corporations" and retirees are forced not by choice as in buying a car but out of absolute necessity to choose in the winter between food and freezing, it's called capitalism.

    The first situation happens occasionally which is much too often. The second happens all of the time but few care or find out because it happens to the poor of us and often never gets publicized, except when "our govt." decides to cut back on winter aid to balance a budget, then it's called good economics.

    So, it happens all the time to the elderly, perhaps to "you and I" and we are in the same situation.... then it will be too late regardless of what it is called.
  • That really sucks,but it happens all the time(time for ethics 101).Kind of reminds of these value added fees and so on-there is another disturbing tactic called flirting,some of these folks act like you buy this you might have a good chance at this-really?
    Was looking at a supercharged Nissan Frontier one day ,noticed a $7-800 dollar"hard to obtain fee" on the sticker,just kept on walking.I realize that this is these peoples lively hood,but I cant help that-Kevin
  • I hear you. Hard to find model ? How about offering the dealer serveral thousand less and telling him it's your "no one else wants it " offer.
  • Were they all adults???...Sure they were..but that doesn't mean that someone can't be taken advantage of. I know that business ethics is a thing of the past in many companies...but gee - wouldn't it be nice to have a company that you don't need to take a long shower after you've done business with them. I've walked out of a few dealerships that were just plain scum.
  • @Dagosa,the trouble is some people seem to have more money then sense( what amazes me is that people will buy something like this at a premium,then are to cheap too run premium gas in it)-Kevin
  • I was surprised when we were car shopping last fall. It was surprisingly all right at all six dealerships we visited. OK, most of the salesdudes were clueless about their product, but they weren't at all pushy and were genuinely helpful about finding a properly equipped example for us to check out.

    I guess what made it easiest is that we saw a few cars, went home, and handled the remaining negotiations via e-mail. We didn't see anyone again in person until the deal was done. I feel so much better about car dealerships after that. Maybe the lousy sales of recent years made dealerships more appreciative of potential customers, but they treated us like fellow humans. That was often not true in the past.
  • @markm - Salesmen size up the buyers. Because they weren't pushy with you doesn't mean they won't be pushy with someone else.
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    You're right....if it didn't work with some, they wouldn't be doing it. What 's funny( strange not ha, ha) is how people have emotional attachments to cars. Cars they just have to have because of the color, brand or "hard to find". Dealers know the foibles.

    I have sold vehicles through Uncle Henry's ( NE ers know it) one in particular, where the buyer REFUSED to even try the car out, as much as I begged him, and paid me cash on the full asking price, on the spot just because it was the model he was looking for. Should have charged him the "hard to find price".
  • I'm not sure what they sized us up as. We were definitely serious buyers and we didn't agonize over prices, so I think we should have looked like a possible sale. . I would have expected them to work a little harder. They might have succeeded, as we weren't set on one car.
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