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Motor Oil for 2012 Mazda 3 (skyactiv)

Mazda recommends a synthetic 0-20 weight oil for this Mazda 3. Love this car's mileage and good handling. Oil changes
will now cost about $75 every 5,000 miles, according to the dealership's service department. Is there a 0-20 weight, quality
conventional oil or are there other alternatives to using this higher priced lubricant? Dealership says this lubricant and skyactiv
technology in the engine (higher compression ratio) contribute to the high gas mileage (about 40 mpg on hwy and 33.5 mpg combined
city and hwy driving). Anyone have some thoughts on this? Thanks.


  • I haven't seen a 0 weight conventional oil yet. But if you're willing to do it yourself, you can change the oil with a quality synthetic for around $30 in your driveway.
  • You should use exactly the recommended oil. Does your owners manual specify a 5000 change interval?
  • 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv has a 7500 mile change interval unless you use the severe service schedule, which is 3750. I have not seen any conventional weight oil in a 0W-20.
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    You can't get a conventional oil in a 0W-20 weight. So you're commited to a synthetic oil.

    This is one of the maintenance schedules that one should be looking up prior to purshasing the vehicle

  • You can buy the full synthetic oil at Walmart and change it yourself. Check with local shops for a price for an oil change with the full synthetic and see if the dealer's price is reasonable.
  • Nope, got the same thing with my Acura. 0-20 is synthetic. You can do it yourself though, a 5 quart container at Walmart is about $29 for Mobil 1 and filters on line are $5. 5-20 or 5-30 is the closest you can get with regular oil and that would void the warrenty.
  • Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers for a referral to a friendly local independent shop. Oil changes are routine maintenance and there's no need to go to the dealer for such.

    We keep the 0W20 in stock for the newer cars we service, and a routine oil change/tire rotation is $54.95.

    In the long run, say you change your oil 3 times per year. And lets say the synthetic oil change costs $25 more than conventional oil. You're talking $75/year to keep your new car running right.
  • The only thing I'd add to ase's post is to keep your copies of the shop orders. They're your evidence that you've complied with the maintenance requirements should you need to access the warranty.
  • And go with the 7,500 mile change interval if it applies to your driving, I would with full synthetic.
  • The car-makers and car dealers have turned the $20 oil change into a $75 gold-mine.....They are using bulk oil they purchase in 250 gallon "totes" for a fraction of what retail packaged oil costs...Then they charge you as if they used one quart containers...

    Consumers can buy oil in 5-gallon buckets from a distributor at considerable savings over the retail store price...
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