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2006 Ford Ranger 3.0 liter V6 Cylinder head replacement

Mechanics downloaded codes that referred to Ford TSB #05263. Due to misalignment of the cylinder heads the valve seats recede which causes a misfire and low compression on #6 cylinder (confirmed by mechanic). The recommended repair consists of replacing the cylinder heads at a cost of $2000 plus.
Ford website indicates that this is not a common problem (less than 30%) but happens to 2004 through 2006 3.0 liter V6 vulcan motor.
I was wondering if others have had this problem, what was their repair, and how successful was the outcome?


  • A failure rate of less than 30% is a common problem IMHO.

    The only fix is to replace the head assemblies with the updated design heads along with the associated bolts/seals/gaskets.

  • A failure rate of 10% for the same problem is pretty high in my opinion.

    Generalizing on your situation, before even considering spending that kind of money I would take into consideration the miles on the truck, oil consumption if any, and what shape the piston rings are in.
  • Thanks for the responses, now if Ford would only stand by their product and help with the cost of
  • @dizzly is the misfire that bad?

    Perhaps a very competent machine shop could repair your cylinder heads.
    You may want to talk to a machine shop about your problem. Maybe they're aware of it and will know if your heads can be repaired and/or if they're not worth messing with.
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