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Rec'd a notice of adverse action, after applying for an auto loan.

I went to 3 different lending institutions about a auto loan. 2 approved the loan and one wanted more info than I was comfortable giving them. I have had other problems with this Credit Union as well. Like them making simple transactions complex, when they should not be. During the application process, I informed them that I had a lower interest rate. I saw no reason to continue with the app.

Then I rec'd a notice of adverse action letter in the mail. It states the adverse action was due to member request. Couldn't they have just dropped the application, instead of this action denying me credit? This can't be good for my credit report.

The rep at the credit union, also wanted me to buy an extended warranty and go through a 3rd party auto broker. I didn't figure I needed some bozo shopping for me. I know how to shop for a car. I feel the rep at the credit union did this out of spite. Any suggestions about what I should do about this.


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