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Confused...Are new Car Talk shows still being recorded?



  • edited December 2012
    The puzzler answers are still being recorded and the prizes awarded to new winners. A recent one had a different winner than the original one listed on the web site. If they were recycling the puzzler answers and winners, they would have to provide a disclaimer to that effect.
  • At the end of last week's show they made a reference to the fiscal cliff, so it would appear that bits are being recorded to make the show sound fresh.
  • Yes, it sounds like Ray remains available for adding topical comments to the pre-recordings from the past. That's a good idea I think. Makes the show sound like it is broadcast live.

    I think on this past week's show, Tommy read the name of the listener who wrote in w/their sol'n to the "flat tire" puzzler. I'm not sure if this is a listener who already won, or a new one. Maybe Tommy is adding some topical stuff too from time to time.
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