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Engine Coolant for Nissan Versa

I took my car down to the shop today to get an oil and lube job done and I go to pick it up and the mechanic said it was a little low on coolant and he checked for leaks couldn't find any. Also he checked the hoses and they were fine as well. He didn't fill it up with coolant because he said that Nissan requires a certain type of coolant...50/50 mixture and he recomends only using the Brand specifically designed for Nissan vehicles. He said the coolant level isn't critically low but the only problem I have is I live in rural Nevada and the nearest Nissan dealership is 63 miles away and none of the autoparts stores in town have that type of coolant, they recomended using the Prestone All Makes and Models but they didn't have the 50/50 mixture in stock. Mind you, I haven't dumped any coolant in my car as of yet. So here's my question why was the coolant a little low if there's no leaks or anything in it?


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    Because coolant is 50% water and water slowly evaporates (especially hot water in Nevada) and you can expect to need to top off your reservoir tank once or twice a year..Every time you go through a warm/cold cycle, a little water vapor is pushed from the tank. It's not sealed..(Well there are a few systems that are completely sealed..)

    The Prestone All Makes antifreeze should be fine...You can add the 50% water yourself...
  • Actually, if it is just a little, you can add distilled water. a small amount, up to a cup or so won't significantly raise the freeze point or lower the boiling point in the system. Check you owners manual and see when the first coolant exchange is due and if it is not to far in the future, you will OK till then. The Prestone will be OK also.
  • Next time you visit the dealer, then you can pick up a gallon of the Nissan Brand coolant if you want. You can also use the Prestone if you want. I don't think the Nissan coolant will be that much more expensive, if at all.
  • The lady at the Autoparts place was saying "Dex-Cool". I was like "Dex-Cool?" I thought Dex-cool was for GM vehicles. Also the mechanic said his shop is particular about what they use fluid wise when it comes to vehicles. They will only add what manufacturers recomend for the vehicles. It makes sense, especially if the vehicles are still under warranty. He says its not critcally low, he just wanted to bring it to my attention. I'm glad he did. Also they said a flush was unnecessary. I'll have to look in the manual and see when they recomend that service to be done.
  • You have a good mechanic, however I don't think the Nissan coolant is dexcool. It is probably a HOAT like G05 or a dex cool derivative with one of the elements missing. Don't flush, just drain and refill in accordance with the schedule in the owners manual.
  • "the only problem I have is I live in rural Nevada and the nearest Nissan dealership is 63 miles away and none of the autoparts stores in town have that type of coolant,"......

    126 miles for a jug of antifreeze?? Datsuns can't be THAT special....
  • From another forum:

    "I believe that PEAK Global Lifetime would be the most compatible as far as toppin off; Peak Global appears to be very similar to G 05, with the exception that Peak Global does not contain any silicates. Peak Global and G 05 both use sodium tertaborate for their corrosion inhibitor, as far as I know."
  • Our local Nissan dealer does recommend the Peak Global Lifetime.
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    Living rurally (my summer) the internet and does wonders to make my life easier. No Acura dealers in entire state I summer in. I just mail order fluids and parts and delivered to my farmhouse door.

  • Actually, in my case, I buy a lot of stuff online for convenience, don't have the time to go to the stores. OP should consider buying the correct coolant online. The coolant options have gotten too confusing and I am not willing to risk my engine for a $5 savings.
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