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2007 Hyundai Elantra Transmission Problem

edited February 2012 in Repair and Maintenance
I think my transmission died today. My car wouldn't accelerate past 40 mph and a local maintenance man said there's no reverse. I think I have seen other complaints about this with the Hyundai's. Any ideas about what the specific problem can be? I'm going to have to have AAA tow the car to a transmission shop. I bought my car used and it's beyond 60,000.



  • No idea but it sounds like it was slipping and this means it's more than likely fried.

    Many people facing an expensive engine or transmission repair often blame the car maker for being responsible for the problem but in many cases the problem is caused by abusive driving habits or not maintaining the car properly.
    Automatic transmission fluid should be changed about every 30k miles and only with the proper fluid. Failure to do so can lead to problems.
  • edited February 2012
    I had my transmission fluid changed this summer and my Hyundai guide instructed me to have the fluid changed at around 60,000 miles. I check with the shop that did it and they did verify that they used the Hyundai transmission fluid. My car was driving fine until about a month ago when I noticed hesitation occurring at 40 mph. I may go 5 miles over the speed limit but not fast enough to stress the engine. My car is an automatic so I don't have a hand in changing, except for when I step on the pedal.
  • Has anyone actually checked the fluid? Fluid loss and continuing to drive with low fluid are major reasons for transmission failure.
  • Ok, first of all, who changed the fluid?? Was it a dealer or one of those fast lube places?? Did they just drain and fill or did they flush the trans?? I just want to know this out of curiosity.

    If reverse is gone then the trans has to come out and be disassembled. If its not fluid level or linkage then its internal.

  • I went to an independent tire place and they just drained and filled the fluid. I read that flushing wasn't a great idea in some respects. Last night, I did wonder if there could have been fluid loss because someone didn't put a plug on tight enough or whatever. I'm not a mechanic so pardon my ignorance.
  • hrossi wrote:
    Last night, I did wonder if there could have been fluid loss because someone didn't put a plug on tight enough or whatever.

    Instead of wondering, it would be more useful to actually check the level next time.
  • "I went to an independent tire place." Never go to an independent tire place to have your transmission fluid changed. In fact, never go to a place like Speedy Lube or any place like it to have your transmission serviced. Use your dealer if the vehicle is still under warranty or find a good independent mechanic. It would also be a good idea to learn how to check all the fluids in your vehicle. It will save you money in the long run.
  • That independent tire place was Adirondack Tire in Troy, NY. I just located a good indpendent mechanic and will use him from now on. When I got the fluid changed, I was informed about the need to use the specific fluid for the Hundayi and the garage that I took the car to volunteered that information. Is it possible that they tried to get away with using something else that they thought was comparable when it's not? I also had the tire place flush my radiator. Should I be worrying about that too?

  • The transmission shop just called and said that they need to take the transmission apart. Doesn't sound good.
  • Wouldn't worry about the radiator, it's not nearly as fussy as the trans. Just have someone check it to make sure you have proper amount of anti freeze in it.
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