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Tire Pressure light on my car won't turn off!



  • Blowouts scare the dickens out of me....especially when driving 70 mph down the interstate. Happened to me once while driving my dad's dodge truck with a horse trailer attached to it. Yeah that was fun. Hard part wasn't changing the tire, but trying to get the spare out from under the truck bed. The horses were prancing around so much in the trailer that I had to disconnect the trailer from the truck to keep the truck from rocking so much, and it was snowing...Fun!
  • Apparently you do not have the owners manual for your Versa or you would have allready solved this simple "problem" yourself.

    From the owners manual for my wifes 09 Kia: Inflate any low tires to the correct pressure and drive a few miles. The system will reset itself & the light on the dash will turn off. With the Kia driving 9 miles did the trick.

    If your Versa uses the same very user friendly system thats all you need to do.
    put some air (nitrogen is a waste of money) in the tires, drive a few miles & see what it does.
  • The dealership did that for me last year. They shot some nitrogen in the tires and drove it down the road and the light went off and stayed off...Also the light went off a few days ago when it warmed up little (in the 70's) and then went back on when it got cold again. And now it stays on. Tomorrow I plan to go to the tireshop to get some air or nitrogen put in the tires. See there's only three gas stations in town that have air pumps for tires and they're all broken. The joys of living in a rural area lol.
  • I have a friend that has a Ford Escape hybrid and has the same problem with the tire pressure light going on in cold weather. I have a Black and Decker air station that probably cost $35 to $40 that I use to maintain the air pressure in my tires. It's easy to use. It does have a built in gauge, but I don't think it is as accurate as a good $10 dial gauge that I have.
  • Yeah my dad has a 2009 Dodge Pickup and he says it does the same thing as well.
  • I was driving a 2002 Windstar from my University's fleet on my way back from a conference. We ran into a stretch of interstate that was down to one lane in our direction and the pavement had been milled. It was around 1 a.m. in the morning but the traffic was still heavy. The tire pressure light went on--apparently the vibration on that model turned the light on. When I finally got out of the construction zone and stopped for a cup of coffee, I kicked the tires and they all seemed o.k. I also found the manual in the glove compartment and figured out how to turn off the tire pressure light. It didn't come on for the remaining 3 hours of the trip. I have never seen the real need for these low tire pressure warning lights--I check my tires every two weeks or so with a gauge and don't find it a real problem.
  • That light drives me crazy lol...My previous car I had lights going off on the dash a lot and it usually meant I had to spend more money lol. I'm paranoid like that lol...
  • I have tire pressure monitors on my van, and with 36 psi in the tires when the temp was in the 70s the light hasn't come on yet with the temp down to freezing some mornings. The light used to come on about once a week until I tightened the valve in the valvestem of one tire. I kinda like it so far.
  • I don't understand why you're still insisting on having the tires filled with nitrogen. Atmospheric air is mostly nitrogen. Unless your wheels have two valve stems and the shop uses an excessive amount of nitrogen, you will never get 100% of the air that was in the tire out. Nitrogen gives no benefit to passenger cars - it's used in proper race cars to reduce pressure changes when hot. That's hot in racing terms, where the brakes glow red hot in daylight and the tires wear out in 30 minutes from the sliding friction. Normal cars don't get that hot, and a 1 or 2 pound difference in pressure just doesn't matter that much.
  • The car came with the nitrogen lol...any other car I've ever owned never had had tire pressure sensors or nitro filled tires on them.
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