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Car been sitting for about a year

It's a 1997 Cavalier coupe. My dad says he's let the engine run every month or few months and has regularly recharged the battery. But the car has not left the driveway for at least a year. What should be done to get the car back into good driving condition? He insists that it's a good car and needs basically nothing other than some brake-work, as well as that you shouldn't change most of the fluids before the engine has been warmed up by getting it out driving a bit.

I'd like to empty the gas tank, but he has said lately(he didn't say it the first few times I asked him about the gas in that tank) that he treated the 1/4 full tank of gas with some stuff meant for keeping sitting gas good; I just don't know what to believe about how long after the car had been sitting that he actually put that stuff into the tank.

Can cars sitting for a year still be in good driving condition, or should a lot be done to it before putting it back onto the road? What's the minimum of fluids/parts you'd recommend be replaced before driving it again? Thanks!


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