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Diagnosing and troubleshooting blower on 2005 Pontiac Vibe



  • I'm not sure unless you are searching on this site rather than a Google search. Here is one of the over 2.5 million hits I got for Bosch relay.

  • Well I'm confused as to the relay's location for the 2005 Pontiac Vibe. I don't get any hits at all.
  • Under the hood, most likely near the battery, or on the inner wheel fender, drivers side, you should find a black, mostly square plastic box. You should also be able to see a lot of wires (the harness) running into the bottom of it. Take off the cover (if you need tools, it's not the right box). Turn the cover over in your hands, and look inside it. You should see a diagram of everything in that box, and what it does.
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    Status report! I took out the motor and there's still clicking! I looked and its coming from a "door" or "flap" that moves to circulating or outside air positions! Is it stuck? It appears like it stuck at the circulating position! Is it a fuse? Help!
  • Ok, search results now say it could be a flap motor? Where would the relay be for that?
  • ok, now I'm buying a actuator. I'm a little frustrated but I think I'm on the right track now. Any tips on GETTING TO the actuator? I know it's above the blower motor. Can I remove the dashboard? Is it hard to do?

  • I'm a little baffled here. You first stated the blower wasn't working and now you are looking at a vent door actuator as the trouble. Though they work together in the air vent system they are seperate things. If the blower isn't working that won't effect the vent door actuator.
  • I had the same problem w/my '05 Vibe. First, the fan switch worked only on the high speed. Then, not at all. Replaced the blower motor resistor. (Under glove box and to the left of the blower motor housing.) Even with the new resistor, the blower motor worked only intermittently. A good "slug" to the bottom of the glove box area would get it blowing again - at least for a few months. Then, nothing at all. Replaced the blower motor and all is well. I checked fuses, too. All of this requires laying/kneeling down on the floor under the dash, so it helps to be flexible. As for the clicking sound, I have that, too, but only if the Recirc button is NOT engaged. It's not directly related to the blower motor and resistor issue, but it is annoying. The defroster will not operate in the "Recirc" mode, so if I need to use the defroster, the noise returns until "Recirc" is re-engaged. It's as someone replied - it's due to a broken gear tooth in vent actuator door assembly (or something like that). I found all of this information - including how-to photos and additional advice - on the website.
  • Thanks for the info. I did find it useful up to a point but they assume alot and I'm a newbie at this. So in fact I have TWO issues. The fan will intermittently work on the occasional bump in the road AND the clicking noise. I thought both were related. I have to tell you you guys. I learned SO MUCH and I really appreciate every one's input. Did I need to buy a new blower motor? Probably not but since I was there and the the components in question were original and the motor was $40 I thinking why not while I'm down there and it's a really difficult to maneuver much less learning a new orientation working upside down. So, now over the weekend I purchased the actuator for approx $45 through Amazon, other wise it would be $90+ locally. Yes it's adding up but, I'm doing it myself and a real sense of satisfaction. Total for parts approx $120.
    Here's what I need help on now. Where can I purchase the plastic push pins I had to break to remove the rubber seals investigating an easier access to the actuator? I was hoping I could do it via the hood but the firewall is blocking me. I'm thinking I can do it if I remove the radio and reach through there and NOT have to remove the entire dash.
  • You could try a parts store to see if they have some pins but you may have to go to the dealer parts department for them.
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