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Car has been sitting for 8 years.

I'm being given a car that has been sitting for 8 years. It ran fine when it was parked. What should I do in order to start it after all this time?


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    I'm not being rude, but after any vehicle that has been sitting and NOT periodically driven during that length of time will need everything looked at and and changed.

    It's a very long list.
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    This car (a Cimarron?) had better be very special to you, you'll be spending quite a bit of money to get it running. It needs to be towed to a shop and have all fluids changed, fuel system drained, cleaned and checked, etc.
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    Exactly what year is this thing? A Cimarron is the Cadillac equivalent of a Chevy Citation; with the addition of fake wood and fancier badges of course.

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    Do it Daivd Rock style.

    Drain the gas tank, put a new battery in it, refill it with fresh gas, fill the carb up with lots of gas, and crank and pump the gas until it starts.
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    If it doesn't start, take your battery out, siphon out the fresh gas and have it towed off..It's just not worth the effort..
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    Just to try to start it, you will need to empty the fuel tank, put fresh gas in it, install a new battery, and try to start it. Be sure to check the oil level before turning the key, of course. If it starts and runs, see if it will move. If it will, make sure the brakes work. You may then try driving it to a shop for an undercar inspection to find out about the probability of corrosion problems and dry-rotted bushings. Expect to have to replace most or all of the brake system as well. The mechanic can then evaluate the overall condition of the car and give you an idea if it can be made into a viable driver. If you do start driving it, monitor all fluid levels vigilantly. Leaks and oil burning are very likely after such a long time of inactivity for a car. Eight years is a long time for a car to sit and deteriorate. You will have your work cut out for you with this glorified Chevy Cavalier.
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    The Cimarron is actually a J-body, so it's a rebadged Cavalier. The Citation was an X-body. The Citation was probably worse.
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    Even worse I'm afraid, it's the equivalent of a 1st gen Chevy Cavalier. My boss bought one in 1981 or 1982 when it first came out.

    Ed B.
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    Drain the tank, drain/refill the oil, cross your finger, pray, and put some fresh fuel in.

    Turn the key. If it does not start after a while call the junkyard.
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    I think more people cruise this list than listen to the show!

    The car belonged to a friend (now deceased) who received it from her mother (also now deceased). It's mine if I want it. It ran fine when it was parked. I'm thinking fresh gas and oil, make sure the fluid levels are good, and see if it starts. If it does, I'll drive it around gently.

    I agree, no value. In fact, an insane neighbor slashed the tires on it.

    Funky old car. I'll see if it'll start. If anyone else has any thoughts or ideas, I'd enjoy reading them.

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