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wrong gas in tank

by accident i put E85 in my nissan versa.

according to manual book my engine is not fitted for this kind of fuel- can i still drive to my mechanic and get the tank drained or do i need to tow the car or can i use up the gas?



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    If it were me I'd get it towed, it may not run for long on E85.
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    I agree. I wouldn't chance it. Have it towed and let your mechanic drain the gas tank.
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    $$ for a tow or risk $$$$$ for a damaged engine.
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    thanks, we'll have it towed
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    thanks for your comment
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    I'm no expert, but I believe the ethanol is corrosive to parts in your fuel system, so you need to handle this quickly whether or not the engine has been run.
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    yes, i read that too, but my regular garage is not open tomorrow
    i don't know if i find one open

    will a 2 day wait be bad?

    i feel just bad about this,

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    I would round up 3 five gallon cans and siphon the fuel out right where the car sits...Use a small (3/8") clear vinyl hose. By rotating the hose round and round, you can usually work it into the tank..
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    How much gas was in the tank, and how many gallons of E-85 did you put in ?
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